Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is uplifting it is a blend of spiritual and physical practices. We breathe, chant, dance, laugh loud, sweat gracefully, and even cry as emotional blocks are released from the body. It’s meditative. It’s spiritual. Its goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. It’s for people seeking to shake up their lives and connect deeply with themselves.

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Our classes are for all bodies and experience levels. No one class is ever the same. There maybe a focus one week on a particular area of the body, but because there are thousands of different Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices, it will be different the next time. Certain postures and movements may be repeated, however there is also variety.

The best way to experience Kundalini Yoga is to experience it for yourself. If you can breathe and lean to the left of right direction, you’ll experience benefits. The teachers can modify the exercises for different bodily requirements. You will move and breathe at your own pace.


1.  Sign Up

Online sign-up is encouraged but not required. It helps you to save money, (we all like a bargain) and saves time before class. To sign-up, visit our schedule page. If you can’t sign-up online, no worries – walk-ins are always welcome.

2.  How to prepare for the class

    1. It is preferable not to eat a heavy meal an hour or so before you attend the class.

      Come to class in loose clothes that is appropriate for movement. Kundalini yoga students can also wear white clothing and head wear if you wish to raise your vibration higher.  You can bring a shawl/warm wrap for the relaxation.

      If you have a yoga mat, please bring it to your class along with a water bottle.  There are complementary yoga mats available.

      You can practice Kundalini Yoga in a chair if this is what you need.

    3.  Scent Free

    Remember that others may have allergies and we are here to show compassion to all sentient beings. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or other scented personal products.

    4.  Arrive Early

    Arrive 10 minutes early. Embrace this time for you! Arriving 10 minutes before class starts allows you to sign-in and chat to the teacher before class starts. Leave your shoes outside the class room and there is an area outside the class room if you have extra belongings to store.

    5.  Phones Off

    Yoga is time to listen to yourself. Phones are to be off so we can hear clearly without distractions When entering the yoga studio either put your phone on aeroplane mode or completely off. If you need to check your phone please step outside the yoga studio.

    6.  Talk to Your Teacher

    Your Kundalini Yoga teacher is here to serve you. Take the time to talk to your teacher. If you are pregnant or have a bodily limitation it is important that you talk to your Kundalini Yoga teacher prior to the class. If you have any health problems that you have not already told your instructor about (especially neck and back problems) then make sure you let them know before the class.

    7.  Movement Pace

    Be gentle with yourself – Never push into any pain during the class – listen to your body and move at your own pace. There are modifications for all exercises – let the teacher know and an alternative will be supplied.

    8.  Roll it up

    If you use one of our mats, please spray it lightly and wipe it down before rolling it up.

    Kundalini Yoga Class Format

    We tune into the class with the Adi Mantra (chanted three times) Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ – I bow to the guru within me, followed by a protective mantra, ‘Ad gurey nameh, Jugad gurey nameh, Sat gurey nameh, Siri guru devey nameh’.

    The mantra is easily learned and the more you attend classes the easier it becomes. However, while you are learning you can sit and allow the sound to vibrate around you.

    We then follow by the kriya for whatever our class is focusing on that day. Kriya is a specific group of exercises, that has combinations of physical movement, breath work, mantras, and mudras (hand gestures). This could be challenging or it could be easy, however it is always a journey to self-awareness.

    Once the kriya is completed we have a long relaxation. The class will finish with a meditation. Then we complete the class with the blessing Long Time Sun and Sat Nam (“truth is my identity”). Each class is varied depending on the focus of the kriya. Mantra music from the Kundalini tradition is played during the class to raise the vibration of the group.

    Interested in joining us for a class?

    Our classes are for all bodies and experience levels. No one class is ever the same. There maybe a focus one week on a particular area of the body, it will be different the next time.