Gong Therapy Meditation

Gong meditation is a very ancient technique from Asia, a complete sound bath that produces an amazing sense of well-being through the vibration of all the water within the body (our bodies are 80% water).

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 Gong Therapy Meditations are based on the principles, that every living organism, thought and feeling eminent a sound frequency. This includes our physical body, our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When an emotion or a part of our physical self is out of alignment with its healthy frequency it can show up in our body as pain or disease and possibly overly negative or unbalanced thoughts and emotions.

Our Gong Therapy Meditations are a great stress reliever! As you relax into the present moment, and settle into stillness, all stress melts away.

Join us on a journey of the sacred sound. Your senses will be guided to travel with the high frequencies of the gongs and other instruments such as shakers, drums, singing bowls, and tuning forks while your body remains in a state of complete relaxation. Allow your mind, body and soul to indulge in a full body sound bath to achieve an enhanced sense of wellness, release blocked emotions and feel more balanced in your own being. This is a unique journey like no other. A time to move into deep inner stillness and connection.

The Gong Therapy sessions can be individually tailored to your requirements and schedule. Simply book an appointment to work on an area you would like to nurture. Then allow yourself to fully immerse into the sounds and vibrations of the gongs.

You should wear comfortable loose clothes for the session and please do not consume food or alcohol for at least 2 hours before treatment.

When the Gong Therapy Session is complete there will be time to integrate by resting in silence.

Give yourself the gift of healing sound vibrations, allowing the body and mind to deeply relax as you flow with the different sounds around you.


Scheduled Class Sessions – $20.00

Individual Sessions – $120.00

Couples Sessions – $140.00

Small Group Gong Relaxation – $220.00 up to 4 people.

(Note: there may be a travel fee for private sessions.)

Please contact us to schedule your appointment for a private session.

Gift vouchers are available.

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Our classes are for all bodies and experience levels. No one class is ever the same. There maybe a focus one week on a particular area of the body, it will be different the next time.