The Journey – End of Life Doula

End-of-Life Doula Services

An End-of-Life Doula can offer support,  comfort and companionship to the ‘traveller’ (dying). Doulas may hold space for the ‘traveller’ by sitting quietly with them, talk with them, play music to them, read to them, or offer acts of companionship. 

A End-of-Life Doula is someone who undergoes special training to assist the dying and their family members. Caring for someone who is dying can be traumatic and confusing for family members. A End-of-Life Doula can support the ‘traveller’ and  family members through the process of death, and acting as an advocate for them with representatives of the hospital, funeral homes, and other personnel.

A End-of-Life Doula may stay to assist through the funeral, if requested to do so, and the option of follow-up visits is availabe to family members in the weeks and months after the death to talk about the experience.

Please contact The Journey – End of Life Doula (Grace and Joy Wellness) directly for more information. We look forward to answering your more detailed questions.  

End-Of-Life Planning

Planning for one’s end of life is an important part of the life journey. A End-of-Life Doula can support you in this planning process. 


Legacy Support

End-of-Life Doula has the practice of guiding the dying to create tangible artifacts to leave behind for their loved ones.