Sound Healing Questions

What is gong meditation?

Simply put, it’s a form of sound therapy in which a gong is played to aid healing in a form of relaxation.

Where does the gong meditation originate from?

Gong meditation is a very ancient technique from Asia, a complete sound bath that produces an amazing sense of well-being through the vibration of all the water within the body (our bodies are 80% water). The sound vibrations emitted by gong send signals that are interpreted at the biological, energetic and emotional levels, directing the cells to develop in a homeostatic rather than unbalanced manner.

What are the benefits of a gong meditation?

Gong meditations helps to heal your resting nervous system, as well as  to tackle life on a day to day basis by relieving tension and quieting the mind. While you’ll feel deeply relaxed during the class, some people will also find it helps them to relax outside of the session, sleep better and deal with stress more easily. Gong Baths bring an intense sense of well-being and re-stabilize the balance of energies.

How does a gong meditation work?

You will be guided through a pranayama (breathing) sequence before the gong healing begins. You’ll then be asked to  make yourself comfortable, before the healing and relaxing sounds of the gong begin to vibrate around you.