End of Life Doula

Everyone has their own personal reasons for practicing yoga, for joint issues, lower-back pain, depression, anxiety; or perhaps to increase strength, improve balance, coordination and flexibility. I sought yoga for a far deeper reason…to heal my soul, find purpose in my life and rediscover myself. If we engaged in a very intimate conversation, I would tell you that I sought yoga and meditation to save myself.

When you don’t listen to the messages that are coming then you can expect the hard life lessons to continue rolling your way…that disconnection between mind, body and soul… that is until you – stop – breathe – listen inwards – breathe – pause – breathe – action – breathe. Most of the time I focus on Pranayama (breathing exercises), seated poses, and things that calm the mind & body. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of self-awareness.

 I’ve completed lots of training certifications in health and wellness, from Bachelor in Biomedical Science to Reiki to Flower therapy to Food as Medicine, but my best teacher has consistently been… yes, yoga.

My recent studies completed have been Kundalini Yoga teachers training level 1 (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), Integrative Restorative Yoga Nidra, and Gong Sound Mastery.

I am dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of yoga and sound to the human body, mind and spirit. Vibrational alignment supports people in many ways, however what I have learnt is that until you relax you cannot hear the inner voice.

I have worked in women’s circles, cancer wellness centre, one on one sessions, couple sessions, those individuals with anxiety, stress, depression and addictions, group classes, pujas, business workshops and festivals.

When you come to one of my classes, I invite you to ask for what you need, tell me how you’re feeling, and always honour your inner voice. You are your greatest guru.

Kundalini yoga and sound healing has made an enormous positive difference in my life, and I love to share the many benefits that these wonderful technologies has to offer!

In closing, I wish you love and light, and an abundance of everything good

Sat Nam

Jenny / Sita Simran

Jenny Wren Grace & Joy Wellness Teacher Gong Meditation Kundalini Yoga